Who do we want?

Students, graduates and experienced professionals

We want individuals with an enquiring mind and a desire to learn and develop. Teamwork is of the utmost importance to us and we want individuals who communicate well, have a positive attitude and work ethic and work well with others.

Recruitment process

Applicants can apply online via our website at any time. Alternatively, applicants can apply by submitting their full CV to hrmgr@nexiasa.com. All applicants will be contacted by our recruitment officer and could be asked to provide further information.

All applications are carefully considered and should the applicant meet the requirements for the position, an interview will be scheduled at our offices with the relevant partner.

Successful candidates will be offered a contract of employment and unsuccessful candidates will be notified as such on a timely basis

Application form

Joining the team

All new employees are provided with induction training in order to make the process of joining our team as seamless as possible. New employees will have a chance to get to know their new colleagues and working environment.