Your experience

Working at Nexia Cape Town will give you the opportunity to receive excellent practical training to complete your training contract as a CA(SA). In addition you will receive ample study leave and support for your exams. Our open door policy aids and encourages development through working directly with the partners and other high-level staff. The corporate atmosphere is relaxed and personal, thus giving you the confidence and support to develop to your true potential. You will have exposure to a broad spectrum client base. You will meet some of the most brilliant entrepreneurial business people in the country and be able to see them put their thinking into action. On qualification you will be able to utilise our international affiliation to work in overseas countries where the opportunity arises. The social aspects of the firm will allow you to build a business network that you will retain for the rest of your life.

Performance management

Nexia Cape Town has a clear performance management process which is designed to guide you through your own personal development plan. The performance appraisal process encompasses the assessment of both technical and professional skills. An appraisal is completed after every assignment and includes elements of self-assessment as well as assessment by your superior. At intervals throughout the year, appraisals are accumulated and discussed in depth with your superior. The assessment tools are designed to highlight strengths as well as development needs. These aspects are discussed and converted into development goals, ensuring that you have the best opportunities to reach your potential.


At Nexia Cape Town we give our staff the opportunity to develop to their full potential. We recognise the importance of training and provide it on a number of platforms:

  • On the job training
  • Formal in-house training
  • Outsourced training

We encourage training between all levels of staff and our open door policy ensures that you have access to all levels of management as well as partners. Our training covers the following aspects:

  • Induction training
  • Technical skills training
  • Professional skills training
  • Leadership training

The social side

We promote the development of all staff into well-rounded professionals and encourage a cohesive working environment. We encourage you to get to know and socialise with your colleagues and provide opportunities for you to do so at:

  • Regular staff functions
  • Team building exercises and weekends away
  • Participation in corporate sports leagues